Why does God allow some people to be born into poverty and some to be born with a "silver spoon"?

If one does not accept the Vedic Version of karma and reincarnation, one is left with the unfortunate problem present in the modern Church - God is a whimsical, mean, old bastard sitting in heaven, throwing people down to earth to suffer or enjoy vastly different destinies. Some are born with a silver-spoon in their mouth, into a life in glory and opulence, while others are born in Syria during an attack of F16s into a life of misery.

Even after 2000 years the Church has not managed to come up with a credible, lucid explanation to this problem. Still there are fanatics who claim that the Bible constitutes the only true words of God. They declare that God could do no better than the Bible. That is actually tantamount to deride God and give Him a bad name.

It’s a fact, as soon as reincarnation is excluded from the teachings, the theology turns to shit.

Note the superior understanding of God we are offered in the Vedic tradition - God has actually nothing to do with how a soul takes birth in the material world. That’s entirely our own doing, because humans are the architects of their own karma. Humans suffer or enjoy according to their activities, life after life.

And God doesn’t interfere with that. He simply facilitates the whole charade, and lets nature take care of punishing humans for their sinful activities, and rewarding them for their pious activities.

I guess, the idea of reincarnation was erased from the Church because it’s not so good for the salvation business they are in.

Imagine a priest having to to tell one of his flock - actually I can do jack squat for you. Your salvation depends on yourself - how you act and behave, how you treat other living entities, including the animals you eat. Doesn’t matter how much you believe in Jesus, how many candles you burn in Church, or how many hail marys you chant, it you don’t change your life-style, you are going to hell.

Not so good for the salvation business.


Dr. Ian Stevenson has conducted scientific research over the course of 30 years that proves reincarnation as a fact.

Besides, karma and reincarnation are described in the Bible, with the words - As you sow, you shall reap. Note, how this statement is meaningless without reincarnation. It's obvious that one reaps from his very birth. One reaps a certain body, nation, gender, family, society etc. When would you have sown what you reap at birth, unless in a previous life?

Krishna says:

Nature is said to be the cause of all material causes and effects, whereas the living entity is the cause of the various sufferings and enjoyments in this world. —Bg 13.21

Srila Prabhupada explains:

The different manifestations of body and senses among the living entities are due to material nature. There are 8,400,000 different species of life, and these varieties are creations of the material nature. They arise from the different sensual pleasures of the living entity, who thus desires to live in this body or that.

When he is put into different bodies, he enjoys different kinds of happiness and distress. His material happiness and distress are due to his body, and not to himself as he is. In his original state there is no doubt of enjoyment; therefore that is his real state.

Because of the desire to lord it over material nature, he is in the material world. In the spiritual world there is no such thing. The spiritual world is pure, but in the material world everyone is struggling hard to acquire different kinds of pleasures for the body.

It might be more clear to state that this body is the effect of the senses. The senses are instruments for gratifying desire. Now, the sum total -- body and instrument senses -- are offered by material nature, and as will be clear in the next verse, the living entity is blessed or damned with circumstances according to his past desire and activity.

According to one's desires and activities, material nature places one in various residential quarters. The being himself is the cause of his attaining such residential quarters and his attendant enjoyment or suffering.

Once placed in some particular kind of body, he comes under the control of nature because the body, being matter, acts according to the laws of nature. At that time, the living entity has no power to change that law.

Suppose an entity is put into the body of a dog. As soon as he is put into the body of a dog, he must act like a dog. He cannot act otherwise.

And if the living entity is put into the body of a hog, then he is forced to eat stool and act like a hog. Similarly, if the living entity is put into the body of a demigod, he must act according to his body. This is the law of nature.

But in all circumstances, the Supersoul is with the individual soul. That is explained in the Vedas (Mundaka Upanisad 3.1.1) as follows: dva suparna sayuja sakhayah. The Supreme Lord is so kind upon the living entity that He always accompanies the individual soul and in all circumstances is present as the Supersoul, or Paramatma.

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