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What do our lives look like when they are rooted in faith?

All human life is rooted in faith. A schism has been created in the modern culture between believers and non-bel,levers, referring to religious and non-religious people, but this is a false dichotomy, for whether we consider ourselves religious or non-religious, we are all believers.

Faith is an inherent fact of human life. Nobody can exist without faith.

I’m not expressing an opinion here, it’s a fact - you can’t exist without faith. It’s simply an undeniable truth that we are subjective beings. The mind is subjective. When the mind is subjective, it’s every decision is based on faith.

People who believe they are being objective are deluded to the max.

Atheists, for instance, believe in so many things. Atheists believe there is no eternal soul. They believe there is nothing supernatural in the world. As an atheist, you believe that everything, including consciousness and life, is biology, chemistry, and nothing else. The number one belief of atheists is that life comes from matter.

So atheists don't believe in anything. They believe in so many things. They may not believe in God, but in stead, they believe in science. In fact, atheists are willing to place their faith in the most improbable nonsense, just as long as it rules out God.

"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything." -- GK Chesterton

So in conclusion, our lives basically all look the same, whether we are so-called believers or non-believers.

Theists and atheist alike share the same cultural values, dress the same, go to the same schools, eat the same food, slaughter the same animals, support the same political systems, have the same goal in life - which is to consume, they both reject the knowledge of God, etc. etc.

Both of them easily fit into these four categories of people describe by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna says:

Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me. (Bg 7.15 )


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