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Why do we give so much importance to God when we haven't even seen him?

So many people have seen God. The Puranas contain reports of lots of people who’ve had face to face encounters with God.

In fact, the largest and most ancient body of knowledge known to mankind - the Vedic literature - documents God.

So the idea that nobody has seen God is an idea with no merit, what so ever. In fact, God himself has devised a proces called bhakti, by which anyone who so deires can see Him.

Krishna says:

"My dear Arjuna, only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am, standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of My understanding." (Bg. 11.54)

Modern people, especially atheists, have the erroneous idea that because God hasn’t revealed Himself to them, therefore He doesn’t exist.

What they don’t understand is that God doesn’t feel obliged to show Himself to people, who have no love for Him. God doesn’t care in the least whether we believe in Him or not.

God doesn’t need anything from us, He is totally independent and fully satisfied in Himself. Out of His infinite kindness towards the fallen soul, however, He allows us to enter into a loving relationship with Him.

Bhakti - the process of devotional service, is the only thing that can attract God to us. If a person is not willing to enter into the proces of bhakti, he will never see or feel God. Is that a problem for God? Nope. It’s entirely our problem if we are not willing to do what it takes to see God.

"This Supreme Self cannot be reached by argumentation, or by applying one's independent brain power, or by studying many scriptures. Rather, he alone can achieve the Self whom the Self chooses to favor. To that person the Self reveals His own true, personal form." --Mundaka Upanisad 3.2.3



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