Why Bramcharya or celibacy is so important for Healthy Life?

I am writing this topic not to feel you ashamed but to give you very vital information about your healthy life.

In our Vedic civilization, celibacy which means conservation of simen has got outmost importance. In Sanskrit, Male simen is known as 'Virya' and Female simen is known as 'Raj'. Like oxygen is important for Life is important for Life, Simen is important for Healthy body.

Maharshi Shusruta said When we eat something, Bhojan (Food) becomes 'Rasa', after 5 days 'Rasa' becomes 'Rakta'(blood), then again after 5 days 'Rakta(blood)' becomes 'Mansa(muscles)', then again after 5 days 'Mansa' becomes 'Meda', then again after 5 days 'Meda' becomes 'Haddi' (bones), then after 5 days 'Haddi' becomes 'Majja' and then after 5 days 'Majja' becomes 'Virya'.

The above cycle gives clear evident that it takes ample time for a food to get converted into Virya, which is Vital Life Force. It is the fuel by which our body sustains itself.

Sadly, after development of social media, our generation looses the very vital life force of life very easily. As per survey, India is topping the chart in porn visiting website. The downward flow of simen is the downward flow of society. It creates less confident, weak, stressed generation. With constant practice of masturbation the simen becomes thin and eventually one has to suffer the disease of Night fall or svapna dosha.

Our Rishis, Maharishis has always emphasized on the Upward flow of simen. In sanskrit, it is known as 'Urdhava Retas'. The upward flow of the very vital life forces not only keeps us healthy but also makes us stable and determined in Spirituality. It makes our intelligence sharp and memory as Photographic memory. It keeps person healthy and ever youth too. People invest ample money in keeping themselves everyouth but they fails because it can't be done externally by cosmetics. But It can be easily done by conserving simen.

Now, many people ask, 'Is it possible for a family man to conserve simen?'

Yes, anyone can conserve simen. For a family man regulations are given by vedic scriptures. Vedic scriptures says that a man may donate his simen to his wife every fortnightly. This way slow elevation of consciousness will occur.

Some may argue, if it is natural process then why to restrict it?

We need to understand that we may not be able to restrict it but we need to regulate it. Unlikely other creatures, we need to understand that our human form of life is not mean for just eating, sleeping, mating and defending. It got higher purpose of Self Realization and to do self realization we need to regulate our lives.

Some may say, but release of simen gives immense pleasure, then why to regulate it?

If it gives immense pleasure then prostitutes would become most happy persons. But we can see their life is miserable.

How to conserve simen?

Firstly, we need to understand that release of simen happens due to impulse of Mind.

Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita, Mind is above gross senses, Intelligence is above Mind, Soul is above Intelligence. So, we can control our Mind (subconscious mind) by using Intelligence (Conscious Mind).

He also says if Mind is uncontrolled it is our worse enemy and if Mind is controlled its our best friend. So, we should keep our Mind aloof from material of gratification as much as we can.

Shivji in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Conversation between Shivji and mother Parvati) says that when impulses of lust comes in our Mind we shouldn't lable it or tag it as Good or Bad, we just need to consider it. If well will consider it as Good then desires will increase and if we will consider it as bad then we will have guilt feeling within us. Guilt may makes us loose our confidence level. When impulses of lust comes, we can take a deep breath and hold that breath for a while, with absolutely no movement and then release it. We can repeat this process for 11 times and eventually the impulses will return to its origin.

How will the upward movement of simen will occur?

There are some yogic postures which assures the upward movement of simen. Like one can sit in sidhdhasana and push the muscles of hips upward and then release. Kapalbharti Pranayam is one of the best way for Urdhava Retas or upward flow of simen.

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