When will the Mahabharata legend Ashwathama get Moksha?

Asvattama, is shunned by human society. After the battle, Krishna cursed him to live for the rest of his days without any human contact.

He would have to live for the rest of Kali-yuga scorned and hated by humans. So these days he is roaming around in remote tracts of the Himalayas.

My idea is that the Yeti - the abominable snowman - is in fact Asvattama. The Yeti has been sighted by locals occasionally. People at the end of Dvapara yuga were much taller than modern people, probably 5 meters tall, so he could easily be the Yeti.

Whether he’ll receive moksha at the end of Kaliyuga, I don’t know. He is the son of Drona, that must account for something. I guess, he’ll have to wait and see.

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