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7 Reasons Why Someone is Homosexual

It is a social stigma that stops us to be open about our sexual orientation. The general population of Bangladesh behaves very drastically and with hatred, that is exactly why every gay person in Bangladesh is afraid to come out in public and confess about their preference of sexuality. Even those who are Bi-sexual in Bangladesh are forced to keep their sexual orientation within themselves. Now the big question is why the LGBTQ community in Bangladesh can not express themselves?

This problem has to do with the socio-political system of Bangladesh. Everything in this society revolves around Islam and Homosexuality is forbidden in the Quran, so no matter Bangladeshi likes it or not he or she has to oppose it or they will be publicly shamed, similarly due to lack of education Bangladeshis are not aware of why a parson become gay and I believe it is high time to understand the reason behind it.

1. Hereditary Reason

A team of Neurologists in Chicago claimed that being gay can have direct links with the sexual preference of the parents. if the father of a girl likes a male partner than a female and considers himself as a bisexual, there will be 73% chance for the girl to become a lesbian.

2. Environmental Factor

A person’s sexuality can be manipulated by the environment surrounding him/her

Some psychologists have claimed that being a homosexual can be caused due to a person’s surroundings. A person’s sexual orientation develops at an early age, the environment sounding that person while growing will affect his/her communication and view of the world. even though we realize it later in our life.

3. Sociological Factor

It is true that people are social animals and we feel comfortable around our own people and rituals, likewise, if a toddler is growing under a society where homosexuality is not a taboo and practiced without any social stigma, it is likely that particular toddler will become a homosexual

4. Psychological Factor

In very rare cases the psychology of a person can also be a dominating factor of someone’s sexual orientation. How he or she considers the same gender in films, porn site or strip club and the curiosity to trying it and end up liking the moment can create an ora of sensation or treated extremely well by a same-sex friend and willingness to make him or her own is natural to get attached to that person in the longer run.

5. Influence Of A Homosexual Person

In a situation where a person who is a provider and has an attractive personality can drive you towards homosexuality. If you are sharing a place with someone who is gay and he is nice kind and helpful, has all the quality the mighty god can provide, then there will be a great chance that you also will explore the sexuality of that influential person

6. Hormonal Factor

I some abnormal situations an infant in a mother’s womb can lead to different hormonal releases and occasionally lead to different sexual preferences than most Bangladeshis.

7. A Choice Of Living

Unlike Bangladesh where people are not been looked up only because of a person’s sexual preference, more people are open about trying different experiences, and if they like it, people have options to explore hetero, bio, or homo because they can be whatever they feel like and keep them could be happier.

I hope that I have illustrated enough to make all Bangladeshi homophobic population to be more understanding and open toward people’s sexual identity. These sexual preferences are not by chose and it can not be treated, no matter how furious you are with my sexual life I may not have any solution for myself.


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