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Does success depend on karma or luck?

Your luck depends on your karma. Any success depends of karma. Actually, there is no such thing as luck. Luck is what we call good fortune.

For example, one may be very lucky playing poker and winning a lot of money. But that so-called luck is dependent on a person’s karma. If it’s not a person’s karma to win in gambling, he won’t win no matter how lucky he is. In fact, he won’t be lucky at all, if it’s not his karma.

BTW, the English word lucky comes from Laxmi. Laxmi is the goddess of fortune and the consort of Vishnu. The Bengalis for some reason, don’t pronounce the ks sound. In stead of kshatria, they say kutriya, in stead of riksha they say rika, and instead of Laxmi they say luki. In Bengali a is pronounced as u in but.

So the Brits, when they were in India, their headquarters were in Kolkata. They must have heard the locals referring to good things happening as Laxmi (goddess of fortune), but what they heard was the Bengalis saying luki. and that’s how the English word lucky came about.

Cool, eh?



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