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Modern education is inclined towards logic and atheism

Forget logic and reason, and even common sense, modern education is simply geared towards making people into materialists. The only solution to the misdirection of modern education is real education - spiritual education.

Modern education is oriented at creating a general populace of good and loyal consumers who is basically mindless and non-reflective regarding the existential questions of life.

The vast majority of people think and believe what have been brought up to think and believe. In fact, modern, mainstream people don’t have so much as one single independent thought in their brains. If they didn’t have TV, newspapers and magazines to tell them what to think and believe, they'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Modern, so-called secular education simply indoctrinates people into becoming rampant sense-enjoyers, with no goals in life other than to earn and consume.

In the matter of formulating life orientations, however, the Vedic version simply makes more sense - there is an original, Supreme person to define reality for us, a Supreme person to tell us what is right and wrong. If not God, who is going to tell us te difference between right and wrong? - the mind, the family, the media, or education? Good luck with that.

For instance, the modern linear conception of time makes no sense, what so ever. Vedic education, that things have always been going on, makes so much more sense according to observable reality.

It's interesting in this connection to note that both atheism and Christianity operate on a linear conception of time, ie. at some point time began. There was a time when neither time, space, nor matter existed.

So what was there before time? And no space? I mean, seriously? Just a massive, condense block stretching to infinity? I know, right?

And where was the condensed block, anyway, if not in space? There is a saying that nothing is impossible, but the idea of no time and no space is indeed an impossible idea. It’s basically a brain-dead speculation.

Next to that we have the Vedic version. Time is eternal. And when time is eternal, everything within time - family, love, society and actions are but temporary occurrences happening within eternal time.

Before time, there was time. There is temporary, material time, and eternal, spiritual time. In temporary time, people are trapped in samsara - the endless cycle of birth and death, and the resultant suffering and enjoyment it involves. In spiritual time, people are enjoying eternal knowledge and bliss.

Krishna offers a process by which He can be realized as He is, and He has made that process of knowledge available to all. To make the world a better place, that knowledge has to be incorporated into the educational system.

In fact, proper education in our relation to the world and the Supreme Controller and Enjoyer, can alone help free us from the inherent miseries of material existence. All the problems faced by modern society - racism, war, pestilence, natural catastrophes, etc. - can be solved by spiritual education.

We gain trust in the spiritual process by practicing it. Such practice will make us happy and content in life. It’s a direct observable fact. Thus, we gain trust by direct experience.

Krishna says:

This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed. (Bg. 9.2)