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Insulting the sacred Hindu religion by smearing feces

On the night of May 10, 2020, some unidentified perpetrators has defiled the Govinda Mandir by scattering feces and feces in the Sri Sri Govinda Vita Kali Mandir in Kalma Union Bharakar area under Louhjong Police Station of Munshiganj District of Bangladesh.

There is deep pain and anger among the Hindus in that area.

The Hindus of the adjacent temple saw very early the next morning some perpetrators had insulted the sacred Hindu religion by smearing feces on the stomach of Mahadev and feces on the idol of Govinda Kali temple. Shri Ripon Mandal - informed Advocate Rabindra Ghosh by mobile phone (01726256226) about the desecrated event. Then I, on behalf of Bangladesh Minority Watch requested police to take necessary action about the religious desecration; the police rushed to the spot and heard the allegation, police ordered to file written. But Mr. Ripon Mandal told me that Hindus are afraid to file complain at the police station due to some reasons of further reprisal;

Going to the ground, one can see who has insulted Hinduism and ruined the sanctity of the temple by throwing excrement on the stomach of Mahadev and Govinda Kali & on the idols of the temple and throwing feces on various idols.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has strongly condemned the incident of scattering excrement in the temple to injure religious sentiments and BDMW demanded immediate arrest of the culprits for punishment under the law. Such religious violence must be stopped without any delay - the provision of the law is that it is necessary to file a case with the motivation of the police. Peace and coexistence is urgent in the region -



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