How do you contradict a general statement?

Contradicting a general statement is generally done by doing just that - contradicting a general statement. One popular general statement, for instance, is that all humans are born equal. It’s even written into the American constitution by the founding fathers.

That should tell us something about how ignorant are the founders of the USA.

Obviously, all humans are not born equal. Some are born into rich and prominent families, others are born dirt poor. Some are born ugly, others are born beautiful. Some are born with great intelligence, some are born dumb as rocks. The list goes on and on, how people are born differently. Where is the equality of birth?

Of course, it’s a nice sentiment that every one should be born with the same opportunities in life, unfortunately it’s a load of hogwash. Everyone is not born with the same opportunities. If you are born from the Rockefeller family, chances are you’ll go to a good school and get a first class education If you are born from a crack-whore and a junkie father, your chances for a good education are not so great.

Where is the equality of birth?

Another general statement - everyone is equal to the the law. Yet, another hogwash. If you are rich, you can get better justice than if you are poor. It’s a fact. The US justice system is basically a joke to the rest of world, the way they are wheeling and dealing in justice. ‘Hey, get me a deal, I’ll tell you everything.’

Justice? Seriously? American justice in a nutshell - 12 mainstream people getting together to vote, who’s got the best lawyer.

In the Vedic tradition factual equality is described - materially, obviously, we are all different, no equality whatsoever, because we are all have different karmas. Spiritually, however, we are all equal, because we are all spiritual souls. Spiritually there is no difference between humans, and even plants or animals, for we are all the same type of souls.

Thus, equality can only happen on the spiritual platform. Equality on the material platform is never a fact.

Krishna says:

The humble sages, by virtue of true knowledge, see with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste]. —Bg 5.18

Srila Prabhupada explains:

A Krishna conscious person does not make any distinction between species or castes. The brahmana and the outcaste may be different from the social point of view, or a dog, a cow, and an elephant may be different from the point of view of species, but these differences of body are meaningless from the viewpoint of a learned transcendentalist.

This is due to their relationship to the Supreme, for the Supreme Lord, by His plenary portion as Paramatma, is present in everyone's heart. Such an understanding of the Supreme is real knowledge.

As far as the bodies are concerned in different castes or different species of life, the Lord is equally kind to everyone because He treats every living being as a friend yet maintains Himself as Paramatma regardless of the circumstances of the living entities. The Lord as Paramatma is present both in the outcaste and in the brahmana, although the body of a brahmana and that of an outcaste are not the same.

The bodies are material productions of different modes of material nature, but the soul and the Supersoul within the body are of the same spiritual quality. The similarity in the quality of the soul and the Supersoul, however, does not make them equal in quantity, for the individual soul is present only in that particular body whereas the Paramatma is present in each and every body.

A Krishna conscious person has full knowledge of this, and therefore he is truly learned and has equal vision. The similar characteristics of the soul and Supersoul are that they are both conscious, eternal and blissful. But the difference is that the individual soul is conscious within the limited jurisdiction of the body whereas the Supersoul is conscious of all bodies. The Super soul is present in all bodies without distinction.

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