Arise, Awake or else be prepared to be killed

Now a days, I have seen so called Kool youths are fully ignorant of Nation and Dharma. It was a time when youths used to die for Nation but now they are developing coward attitude and 'Who cares' attitude towards Nation. Like an ostrich they close their eyes when they encounter any terrorist attacks in their Nation. They say its job of Home ministry or Defence ministry to safeguard Nation. Being ignorant of the enemy is one of the greatest ignorance. We should learn from Israel, where all citizens has to go through military training for some years, so that at time of crisis they can stand still for their Nation and Dharma. Today's youth also has that opportunity, they can join NCC, learn martial arts, volunteer to do some rescue operations in natural disasters. This way they will develop some kind of ownership for Nation and Dharma. Parents should also appreciate and encourage their kids to take part in country's defence forces rather mending them as ATM machine. We should not develop generalize hatred for any religion or community, but at same time be prepared to defend our own Dharma. Let's not forget the miserable condition of Kashmiri and Sindhi Hindus, whose homes were vandalized, women were raped..

There is a verse in sanskrit, धर्मों रक्षति रक्षितः, one who saves Dharma, Dharma saves him. That means to practice and implement Dharma we need well trained adminstrative and warrior community, who are principle guided with full of valour. There is a very fine example of Maratha samrat, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who never hated anyone based on caste, creed and religion but stood still against the cruelty of his contemporary Mughal kings. He was very well versed in Mahabharta, Ramayan, Niti sastra, Yudhdha Niti. Gorrila warfare was introduced by him. So, I would like to conclude the article with a pledge: Lets pledge to Protect our Nation and Dharma.

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