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A women who never Gave up

When a woman is empowered by Shastra, Sastra and Samaskara, she produces Child like The Great Shivaji Maharaj.

Here are some glimpse of mother Jijabai, the mother of Great Hindu icon Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Upbringing Matters ! Today is the birth anniversary of Jijabai Bhosale, commonly (and fondly) known as *Jijau* or Rajmata Jijau (on 12th of January). Most of us know of her as the mother of *Shivaji – The founder of Maratha empire*.

History knows Jijau as – *‘The Mother who nurtured her son to be Shivaji – the founder of Maratha empire’*. This is because Jijau’s contribution in the making of Shivaji was enormous. We really owe the *Hindavi Swarajya* to Jijau because without her *upbringing* and the values she inculcated into her child, we could not have got a king, a warrior like Shivaji.

Jijabai was a very pious and intelligent woman with great *vision* for independent kingdom. She inspired Shivaji by telling stories from *Ramayana, Mahabharata and vedic scriptures*. Inspired by her, Shivaji took the Oath of Independence(SWARAJYA) in the fort temple of Lord ghrushneshwar in 1645 when he was just 15. In Shivaji's impeccable, spotless character and courage, Jijabai's contribution is enormous.

*The women who built the City - pune*

When her husband had to move to the South as a part of his duties towards Adilshah, he sent Jijau with little Shivaji to Pune and declared her the queen regent. Pune was a wild forest then. Jijau with the help of her council of ministers changed the face and eventually the fate of Pune, and successfully handled her duties as queen regent.

*A women who never Gave up her religion*

She stood by the side of her husband in his tussle against her *own father who was wrong*, even if she had a deep affection for her father, showing her commitment to her marriage. It was Jijau who convinced society to accept Bajaji Nimbalkar who had been forced to *convert to Islam*, when he wanted to come back to Hinduism. She did not think of consequences and supported what was right, which showed her ability to fight for the right cause. Hardly anyone know but she was been forced by mughal & repeatedly threaten her to change her religion she replied once, " *just as the Blood can't change its property & colour so does this jijau can't change her religion,If death has to come it shall embrace me as a women of Hindu or else Death has No-Entery In my territory"- A women who challenged Death*.

*Upbringing Matters !*

She was a woman with vision, foresightedness and was passionate about her dream of achieving freedom for all her people. *Her conduct was so influential that all mothers were willingly ready to sacrifice their sons to establish freedom*. She is often referred as a *‘Lioness’* for all the bold and brave traits that Shivaji eventually got from his mother. She was the *first mentor to Shivaji* and was responsible for most of his education; having him learn about the Holy scriptures and arts of administration and weaponry, and the political situations in the land.

When her husband was far on battlefield she was one who took care of the fort & little shivaji who was raised under her instructions, The recorded history says, shivaji's day started with teachings of ramayan & Mahabharata which was regularly taught to him by his mother. She raised Shivaji in such a manner that in an era where women were treated as inferior and being molested openly by the enemies, Shivaji grew up into a man, a king who treated every woman (even those belonging to enemies camp) with immense respect and he always kept safety of women as his top priority.

Jijabai’s stellar qualities — like her independent nature, leadership skills, strong instinct to stand up against evil, passion for dreams, decision making ability and clarity of thought and the Most Important Her upbringing of kids are some of the things that are inspiration for today’s women to who are then caught in mesh of lust,exploitation,low-upbringing.

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