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Islamification and LGBTQ in Bangladesh

The so called movement of saving Islam has destroyed the nation of Bangladesh. It can be claimed that, Bangladesh was a moderate Muslim nation before 5th august and over night the whole scenario has changed. If militancy and animalism like Hafez-E-Islam stand as a wall against the rights of LGBTQ in Bangladesh and someone is killed due to his or her preference of sexual partner, then the free world and conscientious humans will not hold themselves in the home.

It is very easy to understand the hypocrisy under the name of Shariya Law, the Liberation war of 1971 was not fought over the Islamic values and not until recently these Islamic values were even a thing. People were free to choose their partners and made dissections not for the pleasure of society but for themselves. But a wave of Islamic fundamentalism has drowned the freedom of common people, it started to betray the rights of is citizens.

The policy of Pakistani establishment is Ghazwa-E-Hind means victory over India and it can not be done without the help of East Pakistan now Bangladesh. But the dream faded away with the bloodshed of 1971. Bangladeshis defeated the Islamic republic of Pakistan to bring our own secular Bangladesh.

The whole secularism went to trash after the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and soon after the accumulation of power on gun point Zia-Ur-Rahman demolished the secular constitution of Bangladesh and brought back the islamist law. Zia-Ur-Rahman even went out and brought back the war criminals and pro-Pakistani who were associated with killing of innocent Bengalis during the liberation war.

Since 1981 the fundamentalism started to gain ground and the return of Jamaat-E-Islam give all islamist the opportunity to come under one umbrella for reserving power and with their small number of followers they were able to concentrate a grate number of political parties to get aliened with them.

In 1990 the revolt against “Ershad” the military junta had helped BNP ( Bangladeshi Nationalist Party) to get nationwide acceptance and accrue people support which Jamaat helped them a lot, they arranged conferences in Masjid, madrasa and religious establishments, even Jamaat-E-Islam helped BNP to connect with Pakistani Intelligence ( ISI ), which helped BNP the win the 1991 election and sited the fundamentalist in ministry. This power shift made islamist a major player in Bangladeshi politics.

It is really clear to every Bengali that Jamaat-E-Islam is a force in Bangladesh which is determined to make Bangladesh as Islamic Caliphate of Bangladesh and Hindu free Bengal. They have made clear that Homosexuality or LGBTQ will never ever be permitted and Islam wont fall in to the trap of so called western values which provide human with freedom.

In recent years minorities in Bangladesh has seen many attacks like Ramu, Ukhiya, Rangpur and many other lynching under the allegation of defaming the Prophet Muhamad. There are even attacks on LGBTQ activist in few towns and some villages in rural Bangladesh has established sharia law and prohibited LGBT activities.

The pro Pakistani establishment has tarnished the secular values of bangladesh, and the responsibility totally lay on BNP and its current leader Khaleda Zia who is a Homofobic and pass the law of 183 to prohibit the transgender rights. She has surrendered the Bengali nationalism to Pakistani Islamic fundamentalists.

This utter surrender destroyed BNP and made it a lousy group of people but they weren't the biggest affected ones, it was the people of Bangladesh who are suffering from the deeds of BNP. the result is horrific because now Mullahs has a say on making law, even thou they are not elected, a Bangladeshi law is inferior to the sharia law and basic human rights are overlooked if it is not permitted to Islam. Sensitive issues like finance, military, education and bureaucracy is now under the watchful eye of islamist.

Our Bangladeshi has become the Islamic republic of Bangladesh and it won't take long to become a caliphate. It has already become a war zone for LGBTQ activists now Hindus and secularists are becoming the targets and most of the police help the culprits. We may not have much time to act on we are also surrendering our nation to islamist and our brothers sisters, who will surely be sacrificed under the name of honour killing.

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